On June 11, 2023, the Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS) provided comprehensive training to a segment of the Women Savings and Loan Group (WSLG) located in the Abakaliki Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. This training was focused on enhancing their entrepreneurial skills, enabling them to produce items like liquid soap, detergents, and peanuts, among other products. The primary objective of this initiative was to empower these women, granting them a consistent and sustainable income source, thereby facilitating their financial stability. This financial stability, in turn, supports their capacity to save.

The Women Savings and Loan Group operates as a strategic approach aimed at equipping women with enduring means of generating income. This empowerment extends not only to fulfilling their personal and familial immediate needs but also to effectively addressing contingencies involving mothers and children. Moreover, this strategy seeks to challenge detrimental behaviors, particularly power imbalances that contribute to the persistence of violence targeting women and girls.

Between the months of November and December in 2022, ECEWS established a total of 14 Women Savings and Loan Groups within the confines of the Abakaliki Local Government Area in Ebonyi State. Throughout this specific quarter, ECEWS collaborated closely with four proficient facilitators who had received training. This collaboration involved the integration of conversations pertaining to prevention strategies against gender-based violence and methodologies for providing support and care. These discussions were seamlessly woven into the group interactions, enhancing the comprehensive approach of the initiative.