PEPFAR/CDC Mobile & Facility –Based Counselling & Testing (MACC 4 Project)

Past Project

The MACC4 Project was a United States Center for Disease Control & Prevention /PEPFAR funded award for sustainable HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, targeted individuals in key populations, TB Clients, orphans and vulnerable children, PLHIV and their households. Over 200,000 individuals were provided with HIV services through the MACC 4 Project. The minimum package prevention intervention (MPPI) was maximized in providing HIV prevention services to MARPA. The project engaged effectively with the various communities through the advocacies and sensitization, participatory appraisal, strengthening of community structures for health, protection, social inclusion and grievances redress. These included support to Community Development Committees, establishing Village Saving and Loan Associations, supporting the setup of community food bank for orphans and vulnerable children, providing institutional development assistance to CBOs and support group for people living with and affected by HIV including facilitation of registration and government recognition.

Regular stakeholders’ meeting provide an opportunity for feedback to the various stakeholders on progress and accomplishments through the project.

142,690 persons linked to HIV testing and counselling including 58,289 Key populations and other vulnerable populations; 11,387 clients including Key populations and other vulnerable population tested HIV positive and all linked to care and treatment, 4,481 PABAs provided palliative care services and 3,211 OVCs reached with OVC services.





PEPFAR & Center For Disease, Control & Prevention


19th June 2002​