ECEWS is implementing a five years Momentum Country Global Leadership (MCGL) project

Project aimed at addressing major contributors of maternal mortality and morbidity through the prevention and mitigation of consequences of violence against women and girls .

(VAWG) and possible drivers of child early and forced marriage (CEFM), intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual violence (SV) and early adoption of family planning (FP)

The project will also support laws, policies, guidelines and strategies that addresses different types of gender based violence.

We are using the Social norms exploration tool (SNET) as an approach to explore possible social norms and reference groups driving GBV in our society, also using Behavioral-focused applied political economic analysis (BF-APEA) tool to examine the role of leaders in promoting positive social norms, laws and policies that can mitigate GBV cases in our communities.

Gender based violence facility mapping is another approach we are using to mapp all existing GBV facilities that will render quality health services to GBV cases and survivors.

As an organization, we will be working with over 151 health facilities both Public and Private to carry out quality care and treatment to all GBV cases and survivors. In achieving this, we have built the capacity of over 24 research experts to carry out GBV services mapping in 11 LGAs of Ebonyi State.

Currently we have mapped over 500 facilities (Health facilities, law enforcement agencies, Temporary shelter homes, and legal aid organizations) in 11 LGAs of Ebonyi State to carry out GBV services to all survivors of gender base violence in the state.

We will also be training health care provider to carry out effective and quality services to all GBV cases refered to the facility. Furthermore, we have developed a referral directory where people can refer GBV cases and survivors for proper care and treatment.

We don’t want victims of GBV anymore in our society, we want a society educated in equality, respect, and freedom. We are ECEWS and we are ending Gender based violence.