Our Work in Healthcare

We work to save, improve lives & strenthen Healthcare delivery system in Nigeria

We witnessed the significant burden that HIV posed to many individuals, especially as the society lacked a clear understanding of the disease. Unfortunately, this led to conversations and hysteria surrounding the issue, which perpetuated myths, misinformation, denial, stigma, and neglect. Many people with HIV were forced to endure negative experiences, as their condition was often equated to a death sentence. As a serious public health concern, we collaborated with the Nigerian Red Cross Society in 2003 to execute the HIV Helplines Project and an essay competition titled: “What I know about HIV/AIDS”. Through these initiatives, we were able to raise awareness and educate over 200 schools and rural communities about HIV/AIDS.

We continued to expand our programs and services, and today we are a leading implementing partner for HIV/AIDS care in Nigeria, working in 9 of the 36 states. We also build the capacity of community-based organizations and NGOs on program planning, implementation, and financial management. We have expanded our portfolio to address other public health concerns such as tuberculosis, COVID-19, malaria, family planning, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender-based violence, non-communicable diseases and Non-Tropical Diseases (NTDs). We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare and continue to work tirelessly towards a healthier and more equitable society.

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