ECEWS Underprivileged Education Fund

We are thrilled to announce the ECEWS Underprivileged Scholarship Education Fund—an initiative that empowers us to provide access to quality education for young, talented individuals from underserved backgrounds. Now, our aim is to fund Student Scholarships to higher institutions and over the past week at an event to celebrate the vision of ECEWS, our dedicated staff and volunteers made donations to the scholarship. This reaffirms our commitment to enabling positive change and shaping the future of exceptionally gifted yet underprivileged students. We welcome you to join us in this impactful journey.

With the potential to create transformative experiences for our beneficiaries and illuminate pathways to limitless opportunities, your support holds immeasurable value. Together, we can drive meaningful change through the ECEWS Underprivileged Scholarship Education Fund. As a Call-to-Action, kindly find the account details for your voluntary contributions:
Zenith Bank
Account number: 1228963227
Account name: ECEWS Underprivileged Education Fund Account