National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) is a programme initiated by the Nigerian government in 2001 to reduce absolute poverty in the country.

The programme partnered other institutions and organizations to develop plans and guidelines to achieve poverty reduction at a larger scale.

Its goals were to train youths in vocational trades, to support microcredit, create employment in the automobile industry, and help VVF patients.

ECEWS, in partnership with the National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) commenced disbursement of NAPEP in-Care-of-the-People (COPE) funds to the selected 250 households in Akwa Ibom State between 26th of June 2009 and 25th October, 2009 (i.e. April – September payment). Beneficiaries were paid according to the number of children in each household. The poorest of households were given cash grants on condition that they keep their wards in school. Cash incentive is used to change behaviour, fight poverty and build wealth in Nigeria.



  • To identify and disburse NAPEP funds to five (5) Local Government Areas in Akwa Ibom State.


  • A total of 250 households were verified in:
  • Uyo local government area
  • Essien Udim local government area
  • Ibiono Ibom local government area
  • Ini local government area
  • Oruk Anam local government area


  • Beneficiaries were identified by their passport photographs obtained during the verification exercise and attached on their payment vouchers.



A total of 250 households were fully paid between April and September, 2009.


LGA Total amount received


Months paid Number of household per ward Total number of wards per LGA Total amount disbursed (N) Balance (N)
Uyo 1,386,000 6 50 10 1,383,000 3,000
Essien Udim 1,344,000 6 50 10 1,344,000 0
Ibiono Ibom 1,464,000 6 50 10 1,464,000 0
Ini 1,416,000 6 50 12 1,416,000 0
Oruk Anam 1,431,000 6 50 10 1,431,000 0
Total 7,041,000   250 52 7,038,000 3,000