ECEWS has been the go-to source for more than a decade for information, skill development and services in HIV and AIDS, community and healthcare.


ECEWS is uniquely placed to tackle HIV among the most-at-risk populations. Through our volunteers and staff in Nigeria, we address everyday healthcare needs of people living with HIV and AIDS and their families across the communities we work. Our activities include;

  • Advocacy
  • Behavioural change communication
  • HIV counseling and testing
  • Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT)
  • Palliative care and support services
  • Anti-retroviral treatment
  • Referral services

Some of our HIV and AIDS project are;


-AKS/World Bank Assisted HIV and AIDS project

-Local Capacity Enhancement (LOCATE) Project



For the past twelve years, we have initiated and took part in several community healthcare interventions targeting the most vulnerable people in the communities we work. Thanks to our teaming volunteers and partners who made this possible. These interventions included medical outreaches, mass deworming, malaria intervention, water and sanitation.

Confidentiality, stigma and discrimination have been a major hindrance to health care services to the most-at-risk population. With support from UNFPA, ECEWS runs an innovative Health Confidence Centre in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital for the provision of sexual and reproductive health services in a confidential, relaxed and friendly environment away from stigma and discrimination.


ECEWS’ approach to healthcare system strengthening builds on the peculiar context, needs and realities of the institutions we work with and uses activities addressing the operational and capacity constraints that may block access to, and use of priority health services.

We believe that we can be most effective with healthcare systems in three areas;

  • Contributing to the global knowledge base on best practices and innovative approach
  • Working in partnership to improve systems productivity
  • Bringing together health system leaders and experts to share experience

Limited availability of trained health professionals represents a significant barrier to healthcare access. ECEWS supports the training of healthcare personnel in Nigeria.

We also support operations in the area of equipment and supplies, information renovation, advocacy for stronger government involvement and improved leadership.

Our commitment in action

  • Training to improve logistic management of HIV&AIDS products
  • Training to improve management of early childhood infection
  • Training in management of ART through e-training
  • Providing generator back-up electricity at facilities

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