Board of Directors

Deac. Eno Ekanem, M. PHIL (Grisby UK) FCAI

Chairman, Board of Directors

Deac Eno Ekanem is a seasoned administrator, an industrialist and social innovator and manager. She has acquired extensive local and international training’s and experiences in industrial Management, Food Technology, Women Economic Empowerment, and management of startups, sustainable social enterprise promotion and talent management/development. She is extremely passionate about motivating talented individuals until they bring out their very best!

Deac. Eno possess a M.PHIL in Food Technology, as well as several local and international certifications, including these on Project Management, Project Formulation, Feasibility Study, and Appraisals.  Before joining the public service, Deac. Eno Ekanem had worked at leadership level in several private companies. She was an adjunct lecturer at the University of Uyo, Nigeria where she lectured on Food Technology and Wine production. She pioneered producer of Cocoa Wine using pure wine yeast strain for the improvement of Cocoa wine taste.  She served as Director of Industry in the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Commerce and Industry an agency of the state that caters for small and medium scale entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Key Competencies includes, startup of small and medium scale industries, Women and Youth empowerment, leadership development, learning and organizational development.